2020 was novel – most of us had no perspective to draw upon to help us understand the pandemic and its effects.

Then in 2021 the hammer hit hard.

We learned – perhaps unwillingly – how fragile life is and the strength of becoming resilient.

As a community, we said final goodbyes to members as well as their own family members.

We could not be there in our numbers, but we know that our network rallied: each who suffered a loss had the prayers of many.

In the past year Trinidad All Stars has had to adapt to find ways to maintain and improve upon our musical skills and remain visible in our community and as performing artists.

Despite restrictions we were able to achieve the following:

  • Thanksgiving Mass at Holy Rosary Church
  • The naming of Neville Jules Junction
  • The opening of our “mini-mall”
  • Our appearance at Miami’s 2021 Carnival
  • #59 Duke Street was purchased
  • Beginning the refurbishment of the Pan Theatre
  • Five Saturday evenings live in August on 95.5
  • The launch of the virtual Pan in School for selected primary schools in the East Dry River area
  • The launch of our online store
  • TASSF opened an office on the property

Every activity required deliberate thought and actions that would allow for members and patrons to be safe, healthy, and happy.

We took calculated risks. All did not go as planned.
In fact, we fell flat on our faces at times – a sign though that we still have a passion for our art form.

Whatever is to come, Trinidad All Stars Steel Orchestra will remain relevant to the culture of our country.
Covid-19 continues to threaten our islands, but it has also helped us to learn who we are and what we need to do to live in relative safety.

WE will adapt as we have throughout our history.
WE will survive.
WE will thrive.

For #weareallstars #allstarsforever