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How It All Began

Trinidad All Stars Steel Orchestra is one of the leading steel orchestras in Trinidad and Tobago.

It is located at Hell Yard, 46 – 48 Duke Street, in east Port of Spain, Trinidad.

The world’s oldest steel orchestra, Trinidad All Stars has been in existence since 1935, when it began as Hell Yard Boys. 

Trinidad All Stars will proudly celebrate our 87th Anniversary in 2022.

Trinidad All Stars Steel Orchestra

The orchestra has taken part in 56 Panorama competitions since 1965 and appeared in 47 finals. We have placed in the top three on 28 occasions, and we have won the Panorama title 10 times. We are also the proud winners of the International Steelband Panorama, held in 2015.

Our repertoire is diverse: our love for classics is part of the legacy of Neville Jules. Jules loved the melodies of the classics and arranged ‘Bomb’ tunes – re-imaginings of these tunes played in calypso tempo. Seen as a way to improve upon players’ skill, the orchestra hosts the biennial ‘Classical Jewels’ series of concerts in which most of the repertoire is classical music.

All Stars can also be seen on the road for J’ouvert, Carnival Monday and Tuesday with traditional sailor mas, and at community festivals throughout the country.

Trinidad All Stars Youth Steel Orchestra

The orchestra officially began in October 2015, with preparations for participation in the 2016 Non-school Category of the National Junior Panorama Competition. They missed participating in the finals that year by one point.

Since then, our results at the Junior Panorama competition highlight our growth. In 2017, in its first appearance in the National Finals, with a complement of 42 players, the orchestra placed 7th. In 2018, with a complement of 52 players, the orchestra placed 3rd, and, in 2019, with 75 players, the orchestra placed 2nd.

In 2020, Trinidad All Stars Youth Steel Orchestra won the Under 21 category of Junior Panorama, playing a Kygel Benjamin arrangement of Machel Montano’s ‘The Fog’.

The stage side of the orchestra developed during the period February 2016 – June 2016 and has performed in concerts with the parent band. Several members are part of the senior band and have toured with them. The Director/Arranger is Mr. Kygel Benjamin. Current membership of the orchestra stands at 100, including a 40-member stage side.

The very diverse repertoire, showcasing various genres of music, has been well received every time the orchestra performs. For a young orchestra, our performances and growth have showcased our young members and their embodiment of the watchwords of the Trinidad All Stars family: ‘Discipline, Dedication & Magnificence’.

Trinidad All Stars Seniors Foundation

Trinidad All Stars Seniors Foundation (TASSF) was established in June 2019.

TASSF comprises band members local and foreign, as well as ardent supporters, united by the common goal of fostering collaboration and harmony among members and supporters – past and present – of Trinidad All Stars.

TASSF supports the junior band specifically and assists members in their time of need.

The Foundation has held several major events since its formation.  A formal launch and awards ceremony was held on August 3rd, 2019.  At the launch 20 awards were presented: 15 to senior members past and present, and 5 to junior arrangers.  Additionally, an Interfaith Service and Thanksgiving was held on September 14th: approximately 300 area residents were given lunch and others were distributed to homes.  Throughout the pandemic TASSF has held hamper distributions to community and band members and assists wherever and however it can.

Collaboration with the parent body is essential and TASSF now has office space in Hell Yard.


What We Do

The Music Makers

Trinidad All Stars and Trinidad All Stars Youth Steel Orchestras are performing units, on stage and on the road

Firestorm Bar

A safe place in the heart of the city to find a friend, have a chat, and a beastly cold beverage 

Showtime Gift Shop

Shop for TASSO merchandise and memorabilia in air-conditioned comfort, or online at www.trinidadallstars.shop

The Junction

At Neville Jules Junction – the Duke Street home of TASSO – find affordable parking. Hourly, daily, weekly, & monthly rates available

Full Extreme

Our mini-mall offers you your pick of beauty services, flowers, food from Tanty’s Kitchen, and much, much more

The Academy

Unlock your musical potential – whether in person or online – at the Trinidad All Stars Music Academy


What People are Saying

“All Stars is love”

“All Stars is way more than just an award winning “pan side”… All Stars is true family. All Stars is love.”


Arturo Tappin

“...Very inspiring...”

The joy and commitment to excellence… has always been very inspiring for me personally. “


Maria Nunes

“...A beacon of pride...”

“The band is a beacon of pride and inspiration, not only for the community of East Dry River… but nationally…”


Peter Ray Blood

"I remember my roots..."

When I need most to remember my roots… and retain resilience, I visit TASSO’s digital spaces.”


Kyron Akal

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